Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Saturday in December

For years the first Saturday in December was if not the highlight of the year then it was pretty darn close.  For fifty one weeks we waited impatiently for this day.   Standing in line for over an hour was not unheard of.   Who cared if the weather was bad...not us!  We were at the

Most of us remember fondly the original home to the show was the Nashville Flea Market.  However, when Nashville's Mayor began to make loud noises about selling the flea market space to his cronies to develop into yet another housing project Mike moved the show to the Williamson Ag Center just off Interstate 65 and best of all about 20 minutes from our house.

While the nostalgia of good times is not here, there is something to be said for everything being under one roof.

When not housing events like this, the arena is home to the Williamson County Fair, the rodeo as well as various other horse event.

While the location has changed, the show is still much the same...

The exhibits
Relics...real and imagined

Books and more books of which one came home with us...Hey, it would not be the show without another book!
A little something for the ladies

And how would we know it was Civil War if there wasn't at least one piece of hard tack?
A organization reminding us that history is being lost one parking lot at a time
A hoop skirt of which there are fewer and fewer each year.  (Sorry Trish you were gone before we could catch you.)
Men in Blue
 Men in Gray and possibly the most important the future of the hobby.

And a familiar face.  Thanks Andy Fulks for all of your help.  It was good to see you.
And the man responsible for it all...Mike Kent (as he surveys his handiwork).
Good Lord willing we will see you all again next year!