Monday, October 28, 2013


Jessie came to live with us last week.  Bill walked him across the street on Tuesday afternoon.
He's quite handsome, but most importantly he has good feet.  The first day he was left to adjust to being away from his pasture mate and settle into his new home.  Second day he learns to walk into the trailer on the second try.
What sounds easy to us humans is really quite a feat for a horse.  What we see is the inside of a trailer.  What they see is a dark cave with who knows what at the other end.  This lesson is very important as next month he will be headed to the trainer to learn to pull  a wagon by himself (single) and with another horse (double)  and ride. 
We are hopeful that Jesse will be able to take over some of Bird's duties.

  In addition to going into the trailer he also learns to stand still in a less than ideal situation.
We also find that he has been ridden before and doesn't mind a Brittany on his back.
We've been told he will not tolerate a saddle on his back.  Hmmm, so far, so good.
What will he do with a rider on his back?
So, he's got potential and we will keep you updated.

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