Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sunday Morning

Friends Otis and Sabrina invited us for a ride in their newest wagon. 

 We were not able to go on Saturday as originally  planned.  This was good as Saturday was overcast, windy and cold.  Sunday was beautiful, a little cool, well, maybe cold for some of us but just right for the horses Buck and Ben.

We did not realize when we left just how lovely the drive was going to be.  Buck and Ben have no doubt never been in a hurry except to eat and we were able to enjoy every step they took.

Little did we know when we left our home that we would spend the day in fox hunt country where at every turn you expected to see horses and riders being led by baying hounds as they bounded across the country side.  Here is one of the crossovers.  There seemed to be miles and miles of plank fencing.  We tried to estimate their cost not to mention up keep.

This was one of the few instances of barbed wire on the route.

Little farms dotted the landscape.
While not the nicest nor the most unique it was one of if not the oldest of the houses that we passed. 

Each seeming to try to out do the other in their picturesqueness.

Note the sign over the door...

 Around a corner and nestled in the woods this little gem,
and a reminder of when folks had and took the time to personalize even the smallest detail of a barn.
We started the morning with 5 dogs.  Two of the older, smarter ones left us fairly early in our journey going back to their house.   Obviously they had made the trip before when they were much younger and dumber.  These three made at least 10 steps for every one that Buck and Ben made and still had energy when we got back home.
The little brown one barked orders to the horses during most of the trip wanting them to hurry up and keep up the pace that the dogs were setting.
On the down hill stretch and almost home.
Of all the places we saw on our trip this may have made the most impression on Bill and I...

A final resting place for favored equine and canine friends.



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